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Wheat Weaving Image, The Lodge in Sisters

Wheat Weaving at The Lodge in Sisters

Wheat Weaving at The Lodge in Sisters

Artist: Marva, resident of The Lodge In Sisters

Marva started in 1995 and she joined The National Association of Wheat Weavers in 1997. Her favorite piece is a house blessing placed on the hearth, the most central location of the home, where family members would most benefit from the wheat spirit. In the spring, house blessings are replanted to return the wheat spirit to the field and to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Depending on size, it could take 5 hrs up to a day and half of Marva's inspiration for her pieces would come from the farm and pure country folk. Marva has been all over the United States, going to National conventions, She has showcased and sold her pieces in stores in Eastern Oregon. She has also sold them in Goldendale, Washington. This has also been a great project that she also loved to do with her daughters and granddaughters.


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